OSL MOOM Shading

OSL MOOM Shading - VSFX755 - 1

This final project’s objective is to showcase the implementation of what our professor, Malcolm Kesson, calls M.O.O.M. (Many Objects, One Material) shading. The following image is my artistic application of this technical concept. Developed in Houdini and Maya, rendered with Arnold and composited in Nuke. Concept Development The original task mentioned the use of shipping […]

C++ Side Mask Utility for Arnold

C++ Side Mask Utility for Arnold - VSFX755 - 31

The intention of this project is to showcase a custom C++ utility for Arnold while displaying creativity and artistry. The final result below was achieved by procedurally modeling and animating wind mobiles and spatially distributing them in a scene to create an appealing look. This first step was achieved in Houdini. Later on the resulting […]

Procedural Primitives

Procedural Primitives - VSFX755 - 42

The goal for this introductory project was to get familiarized with C++ in order to generate RenderMan procedurals.  The final result was achieved by loading a custom C++ script with a RenderMan Procedural and subsequently using an additional custom Python script to instantaneously update the data within Maya. https://felipeamayaq.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/04_21_2020_Dino_PlaceSpheres.mp4 Process Breakdown We were allowed to […]