Getting Camera Position from an Alembic

Getting Camera Position from an Alembic - Houdini Trickery - 1

Dealing with Alembics in Houdini is, for the most part, very straightforward, but sometimes there are times in which you wanna do something very specific that you can do with zero difficulty in SOPs, and turns out that if there’s an Alembic involved, it gets trickier than it should. One of them being extracting the […]

Houdini Stuffs

Houdini Stuffs - Houdini Trickery - 3

This blog post is my attempt to collect and unfiy some of the useful stuff in Houdini I have picked along the way. Feel free to comment or contact me regarding any of this. Here we go! Using the Textport to Update Paths in Any String Channel If you need to update a ton of […]